Data Sharing & Workflow

We can optimise your business by offering cloud based and on-premise solutions for data sharing. 

Cloud based solutions can reduce initial upfront costs and provide an ongoing monthly subscription for licensing. We can supply licensing for cloud based products such as Office 365 including full support and management of these services. Users will be able to share files through software and access shared files through Windows file explorer. Cloud solutions have options to select which users can access certain data and what editing rights they will have. With a full license, users created on a cloud can also have a mailbox and access to downloaded Office apps such as word/excel etc.

If you prefer an on-premise solution we can supply and install a server to manage your email and data. The server will host users, data and email, this allows us to create an environment to suit your requirements. We can apply restrictions to access for certain users if required and also implement security options to prevent unauthorised access. Data drives and folder management with group policies can be created to your specifications. A server solution can be more cost effective in the long term.

Mailbox management is included with either option whether you prefer a cloud based or server solution for your business. Licensing for the above will be discussed so you can clearly see which option will be the most appropriate.


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