Data Protection & Backup

Creating multiple backups is the safest way to ensure your data is protected and can be restored if necessary. It is also important to have offline and off-site/off-cloud backups to cover all eventualities. Cloud based backups don't store your data for an unlimited time, if a user is removed or data is deleted in error. Usually a maximum of 30-90 days is the most you can recover from a cloud based solution.

We have our own datacentre to store your data securely. We will backup your cloud data to our datacentre creating an off-cloud backup. This provides an additional backup to the cloud.

If you have an on-premise server or we are supplying a server, we will create an offline backup by supplying a data storage unit which will only power on during the backup period and will power off immediately when finished, if you ever suffer a cyber attack the backup drive would not be accessible to the attacker. We also recommend an off-site backup which our datacentre can host in case of any physical damage such as theft or fire. 

A common misconception is that cloud users automatically have a backup in place for as long as required and this is not the case which companies like Microsoft have highlighted.

Backup schedules can be set to suit your requirements which will be discussed with you during configuration. We can restore data to a previous time of your choosing and also recover individual files if required.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss protecting your data.


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